Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Watch online fashion celibrity gossips Veena Malik in Tears!

Veena Malik and tears are as indissoluble as lovers and brunette! You may have seen her many epoch shedding tear on reality show Big Boss on meat pie issue, so here come once again Veena Malik in snuffle on countrywide television!

The 32-year-old Pakistani model, who previous had a much made known break-up with Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Asif, bashed her critics for mortifying her.

"You tell me is you principles clear that you didn't take away a bad name to Pakistan and Islam and that you behaved unfortunate to our religious and enlightening standards," Maulana Qavi asked her on the show.

"I am just an entertainer and I was not representing anyone on the show but myself. Why is everyone after me just for the reason that I am a woman and a soft intention," said an antagonistic Malik.

"Why doesn't any person talk about the Pakistani actresses or actors who have gone and accepted B and C evaluation roles in India. Some have kissed on computer screen and worn bikinis. Tell me did I be dressed in a bikini on the demonstrate, did I kiss, did I undress, what on earth I did was part of the household tasks on the demonstrate," supplementary Malik while defending herself.” She added.Eventually Veena Malik broke into tears when host of the show called her Begairut (shameless).It has also been reported that Veena has been threatening phone calls since her return from India.

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