Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Watch online fashion newsEight Fashion Mistakes that Make You look Older

As our age creeps up and gravity takes it’s toll, the fashions that we once lived in may not be as comfortable or as forgiving as they once were. As our bodies continue to change some of us continue to squeeze into the same clothes, while others start believing that those faux pas fashions we swore we would never wear, really aren’t a stereotype of aging we thought they were in our 20’s. Fortunately there are some easy ways to look younger without going overboard.
Dress age appropriately – While your legs and stomach may still look great, flaunting them in mini-skirts and open midriffs will draw attention to your age. Although stylish dressing is one sure way of looking younger, dressing like a teenager will have the opposite effect. Draw attention to your best features with chic instead of flaunt
Dress Your Size – Clothing that is too big will make you look frumpy, while clothing that is too small will show any extra pounds you may be trying to hide. Buy items to fit the largest part of your body then have them altered to fit the smaller areas.
Coordinate Your Footwear – Open toed shoes and sandals are worn bare foot or with sandal-foot hosiery, not with socks. As the day wears on, so does the size of your feet. To find your best fit, style and desired level of comfort, shop for shoes in the afternoon or the evening.
Avoid Extremes – Delicate and whimsical accessories appear sweet and girlish, while extremely large pieces can over-whelm. Choose accessories in modern styles scaled to your body size. When in doubt about size, safely choose medium.
Too many accessories look cluttered. Unmatched metals are uncoordinated and distracting. Matching sets date you and them. Accessories look best when coordinated but not matching. Strategically place accessories to draw attention away from challenging areas by focusing attention to one area such as the face with earrings, a necklace or scarf. Avoid accessorizing in areas where you don’t want the eye drawn to.
Out with elastic, in with the Lycra – Although elastic and pleats may be made for comfort they may not be the most flattering or fashionable. If comfy is the key, opt for smooth designs in quality fabrics with a touch of Lycra.
It’s in the heel - A little lift will flatter the leg and add polish to an outfit. A lot of lift will add pressure and discomfort. No lift can appear frumpy and uncoordinated. When in doubt a 1 – 21/2 inch heel can give you the look without the displeasure.
Out with the old – It may be your old standby but it may be dating you. A new pair of shoes, handbag or accessories can instantly update an outfit and you. A few new pieces each year will make you feel younger and more modern.
Whether we like it or not, the choices we make will have an impact on how we are seen and ultimately how we will feel. Aging doesn’t have to mean dated or old. Balancing comfort with fashion will ensure that you continue to appear youthful and stylish.

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