Thursday, May 26, 2011

Veena Malik car crash accident on Motorway

Pakistani Actress Veena Malik;

Veena Malik , who recently came back to Pakistan after her Indian Tour, has faced a car crash accident on Motorway, while she was travelling from Islamabad to Lahore.

According to the latest news reports , Veena Malik remained save in the incident but suffered injuries in the accident. The nature of her injuries and reason for crash couldn’t be confirmed.Only a few days ago, another Pakistani Star Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s car was also crashed in US, which resulted in the death of his manager at the spot.Updated : New media reports reveal she was driving the car herself and the car was crashed due to over-speeding. Veena was admitted in a hospital in Lahore last night.Update on Tuesday, May 17 2011 – 13:28 : Veena Malik was driving car on wrong side of a one-way road while entering in Lahore, which  resulted in crash with another car, sources say.

Actress Veena Malik was injured in a car industrial accident while travelling from Islamabad to Lahore, reports say.Her car was collided head on with a vehicle from opposite side near Thokar Niaz Baig area in Lahore and upturned. Malik was offended in the accident.Malik was driving car on wide of the mark side of a one-way road while entering in Lahore, which was resulting in smash into with another car, sources say. The model-actress became famous in India and invited ire in Pakistan with her antics on the  reality TV show 'Bigg Boss'. She was seen getting cosy with actor Ashmit Patel and model Hrishant Goswami in Indian give you an idea about.

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