Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani 12th July 2011 Free Video.

The next day is Valentine’s Day. A new economics professor, Shankar, enters the college. Meanwhile a couples games is won by Piya and Abhay and they dance together. The next day at college, they are giving the next year scholarship to someone. Piya`s uncle is the trusty and decides to reject Piya for the next year scholarship. Abhay sees and talks to him. However he gives the scholarship to Piya. Arnab see her name as Piyali Jaiswal and finds out she is his daughter. She gets upset, goes into the forest and she gets hurt. Abhay comes to save her and sees that she is bleeding. He tries to stop himself from drinking her blood. He wipes her blood off and she gains consciousness for a few seconds but she faints again. Abhay then realizes that her body is cold and removes his shirt off and hugs her to get her body warm. The next day there was a business conference in which Siddharth, Panchi, Mr. Raichand and Danish all had come. The bid starts and Sid and Chand keep on bidding. At the end Chand wins the bid, then Sid turns behind and looks at Chand.

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