Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ram Milayee Jodi [Mahaepisode] - 9th July 2011 Video Update Watch Online *HQ*

The story starts with Anukalp coming to Dehli where he meets Mona. He buys a house across from Mona's but her family uses it for a wedding since no one was living there. Anyways Mona's sister is getting married and her fiance's brother likes Mona. After Sweetie gets married and Goldie(Sweeties bro-in-law) wants to marry Mona. On the other hand Anukalp's family come from Rajkot to Dehli to live there. Anukalp is started to fall in love with Mona but not actually sure. Everyone agrees for Goldie and Mona's rishta. Mona seems to be unhappy about it and talks to Anukalp. Anukalp tells her to listen to her heart. On the day of Mona's engagement, Anukalps friend records a CD where Anukalp is expressing his feelings to Mona. She accidentally puts it on the the CD player and everyone hears. Mona is upset because she never felt for Anukalp like that. Goldie's family leave and they leave Sweetie there. Everyone is blaming Mona. The next day Goldie comes and gives them a second chance and Mona forgives Anukalp. Goldie lies to Mona's family that Sweetie and her husband Parmeet wants him and Mona to go to a picnic with them. When they get there Mona finds out Goldie was lying and is upset. Meanwhile Anukalp and his sister Hetal was there too,with a girl and a guy that Bharti(Anukalps mom) chooses for them. Goldie is screaming at Mona and insults Anukalp too. When Anukalp sees him slapping Mona he gets angry and fights with Goldie. Anukalp tells the girl everything and she and her brother leaves. At home Bharti gets a phone call saying the family rejected Anukalp and Hetal. Hetal crying and angry blames Mona for everything. The day before Mona's wedding Mona realizes that she loves Anukalp too. So it is Mona's wedding day and she finds out that Anukalp is going to Mumbai to study there right so he can go to America. She wants to give him a necklace for good luck. Before the wedding ceremony she goes and the train is moving and he hops on the train. She realizes that the train is moving. She gets worried and Anukalp tells her he will get her safe home. At home everyone is worried and thinks Mona eloped with Anukalp. Goldie enraged with anger vows that he will not leave until Mona comes back. So Anukalp brings Mona home. Everyone is mad at them and Anukalp and Goldie fight again. Goldies family leave and Daarji decides that Anukalp and Mona should get marry. So the preparations are being made. Mona is happy. On the other hand Hetal and Monas brother Karan are starting to like each other. Anukalp and Mona marry . First they have it a Punjabi ceremony and then they have a Gujrati Ceremony. They have their suhaag raat and they wake up. Mona is trying to be like Bharti so she writes down all the food recipe. On the other hand Anukalp and Mona confesses their love to each other.Hetal and Karan love each other but they can't express their feelings. Mona finds about this and helps Hetal. On the other hand Vimmi(mona's mom) best friend Dimpy is coming from Canada with her daughter Pam. Dimpy wants Pam and Karan to get married. She talks to Vimmi about it. She agrees and so does everyone. Mona talks to her family about Hetal and Karan but they misunderstnand and think she is talking about Pam and says yes. She tells Bharti and she is happy. On the engagment day Hetal see's Karan and Pam getting engaged and she cries. Bharti blames Mona for everything and everyone hates her. She has to break all ties with her family.

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