Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Watch Free Sasural Genda Phool 27th July 2011 Free Preview.

But even before the couple is married, it starts on a disastrous note. When Suhana is about to put the flower garland around Ishaan (who saw her picture and is already in love with her), she sees Ishaan's face and faints. She remembers him and knows that his family is middle class. However the marriage resumes. On their suhaag raat, Suhana tells Ishaan that she does not love him, then says that she thought that her father chose for her a rich, smart, handsome boy but instead chose Ishaan. Ishaan, heartbroken, goes to his special crying place and cries all night. He returns the day after and finds Suhana still there. Suhana decides to stay to make Sid regret dumping her. She feels suffocated in her sasural. She tells her father that he ruined her life.
Time passes and Suhana develops love for her sasural. She tells Ishaan she will never leave this house because she loves everyone and can't live without them. However, she still thinks that she doesn't love Ishaan, and they are just "official" husband and wife. Badi Maa and Dadaji find out about this, and make a plan to help Suhana realize her love for Ishaan.
Ishaan's childhood friend, Sonali, is invited over to make Suhana jealous and realize that she loves Ishaan. After many disasters, the plan works and Suhana confesses her love for Ishaan in front of everyone, and Sonali goes home. Ishaan and Suhana go to Goa for their honeymoon. Suhana and Ishaan return from their honeymoon and are enjoying life with their relatives in an extended family. Meanwhile, after losing his job, Panna's husband Raunak leaves her and his family. He does this so that he can become stable and get a high paying job again. At this time, Deepak also comes to stay with his family, having settled things with his mother. As time passes in Raunak's absence, the fractured relationship between Panna and her mother-in-law is repaired, leading to the repair in relationship between the Kashyaps and the Sharmas.

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