Thursday, July 21, 2011

Watch Free Video Sapnon Say Bhare Naina 22 July 2011 Preview.

Then the path takes us to anywhere Naina is at a job meeting and the job necessitates her to be married. Throughout the meeting the interviewer sees a picture of Daksh, so they assume Daksh as Naina's husband and ask her on the way to meet him. In order to sway Daksh to go to the assembly, Naina blackmails Daksh with involvement an affair with her, which concinces Daksh enough to go to the consultation. During the session process, Naina receives the profession. Then they ought to to go to Pune to conventional up the assignation ceremony. On the expedition, Naina's boss persuades Daksh to go by means of her.
Later when Naina derives back through Daksh, Naina's mommy (step) makes a amazement visit at Daksh's household. Naina tells everybody that she is her aunty, but Daksh snoops their discussion and studies that she is her mother. Daksh attempts to tell his mommy this, but she won't have faith in that Naina would ever do somewhat wrong. And Naina's mommy left to Darljeeing. Advanced the track loosened to Rohini and Sanket. Rohini sought a job raise. Currently we see that Naina misconstrues Daksh and Lekha's connection and indicts Daksh of partaking a matter with Lekha (His best friend's wife). Daksh gets angry and reveals that he was only plateful Lekha to get a procedure to become a mother (his best friend didn't want Lekha to get the operation done) but she obligatory to. After axiom the truth Daksh greeneries and Naina

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