Friday, July 22, 2011

Watch Online Free Yogaraj But New Kannada Movie Full Video Preview.

Cast :: Naveen Krishna, Neetu, Sihikahi Geetha
Music :: Milind Dharmasena
Producer & Director ::
Dayal Padmanabhan
Lyrics :: Harshapriya, Naveen Krishna, Manjunatha Rao
After the movie Shri Harikathe, administrator Dayal Padmanabhan has completed his reply through the film Yogaraj... But, which is a mocking and surrealistic film. It is respectable performer with a communication. It could have remained even improved watch if the administrator had done little more schoolwork on the subsequent half of the film.

Movie Yogaraj... But is a impractical comedy and Naveen Krishna's excellent presentation is the major desirability of the film. Milind Dharmasena’s composition, Gautam Srivatsa’s circumstantial score, Rakesh’s camera drudgery and good-looking whereabouts are the other highpoints of the flick. The only shortcoming of the motion picture is that the administrator goes on muddling things in succeeding half, which possibly will not clearly transfer his intended manipulation.

Dayal Padmanabhan has special a magnificent story for Yogaraj... But and he consumes mixed it with amusement and way of life, which unquestionably aggravate the addressees to think approximately the behaviours of life. The administrator's description of the section is modest, but yet it is byzantine in few places. The principal half of the motion picture is fully pleasurable with lot of entertainment and the subsequent half transactions with every thoughtful issue lengthwise with the comic description.

Yograj (Naveen Krishna) is a former student in mind-set, but he indicates fortune-telling for maintenance. He encounters an baby girl baptized Sihi unprejudiced beforehand she is programmed to go out of the country for an organizational training programme. He decreases in love through her and recommends her. He is murdered in a coincidence when he is approximately to hear the news of her rejection. What materializes next will arrangement the bottom of the landing.

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