Saturday, July 23, 2011

Watch Online Kodi Punju Telgue Movie Free Article.

kodi punju is a new movie . this movie base story taking in ti our grateful festivity sankranti. the sankanti is celebration hole existed in villages . one of the village special game is a game name is kodi punju pandem. this is a graceful game.
In this movie introduced a dynamic and charming hero character .this movie directed by B.V.V.Chowdary.and produced by of the young thanish and a beautiful new heroine anchal both are acting in this movie.the movie songs organized by of the grate dynamic & political lady Roja rolled a corrector in this movie.the charector name is called Daggubati sitha rathanam.
the hole story show the power of hero &how can he solved their village problems .this movie tag is pandaniki ready .

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