Sunday, July 31, 2011

Watch Online Maryada Lekin Kab Tak? 1 Augest 2011 Free Preview.

The story begins with Thakur Veerpratap Singh, who is a man of 20th Century but still thinks like a man of 18th Century. He is still carrying customs rubbish tradition received from ancestors, and does not want any member of his family to break these traditions. And because of his rigid attitude, his elder brother Rajvir moves out of the house and stays away with his family. As well as his younger brother Surendra runs away from the house and is settled in London. Surendra has a different story. He forcefully got married to a Thakur family girl whom he does not consider his real love. Although, he doesn’t love her, he still accepts her as his wife because he does not want to face any reaction from the family.
But, one day Surendra migrates to London to get away from his brother Veerpratap's mockings, while his wife stays in India. There he meets a girl whom he starts liking and they get married. Time goes by and Surendra’s first wife, who stays in India, delivers a son name Vikram, and wife in London delivers a daughter name Neelakshi.
Unfortunately, one day Surendra and his wife dies in an accident in London. Their last wish is to get their ashes immersed in India. In order to fulfill the last wish of her parents, Neelakshi comes to India with her parents' ashes. There she goes to her dad’s family's house as her father had told her to. But the family does not accept her, especially Veerpratap Singh, and they want her to go back as soon as possible. But Neelakshi decides to stay in the house to convince everyone in the family to perform the last rituals for her parents. Leisurely, she convinces her uncles Veerpratap and Rajvir to perform the ritual. But Rajvir and Veerpratap gets shocked when Neelakshi expresses her desire that her mother should get her due respect in this house. In spite of all that, she makes it happen. But in the bargain Neelakshi causes clashes at home. Neelakshi gradually makes a good impression in home. But life is not so smooth sail, luck turns upwards when her boyfriend, whom she met in London, comes to happen come in the same house as Krishna. Krishna is Veerpratap’s son. Traditionally, Krishna is Neelakshi’s cousin brother. Time to unwind, rethink, and sacrifice. But time uncovers the fact that Krishna is adopted son of Veerpratap and they are not biological brother and sister. Now Neelakshi has to compromise her love and start a new life.

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