Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Watch Online Telgue Movie Prema Khaidi Free Preview And Mp4 Songs.

Release Date: 29 Jul 2011
Genre: Romance
Language: Telugu
Certification: U
MS Narayana (MS Narayana) is a small don and Raghu (Raghubabu) is his assistant. Narayana used to fool people around him for survival and looking for an opportunity to prove his calibre. Even as he was thinking big, a person meets Narayana with a mask to his face and gives him a 'supari" of Rs 5 lakh to kill a girl who is staying abroad. He sends Narayana and Raghu to Bangkok. He also makes arrangements for their stay in a hotel run by a Telugu man (AVS).

Narayana and Raghu claim that they were from the film industry and came there for subject discussion. As the hotel owner dreams of making his son a hero, he tries to impress both of them. Meanwhile, the room number provided by that unknown person gets spoiled and Narayana wants to find who was the exact target. Narayana and Raghu change their attire as room-service boys and inspect each and every room in the floor. In the process they meet eight couples and suspect all the husbands of the women.

Meanwhile, Narayana gets a call from India that an old woman, whom he admitted to a hospital died and she gives away her entire property of Rs 5 crore to him. This makes him realise that only the good will have a right impact on life and decides to give up the murder plan. Who is Aiswarya? Why that unidentified person wanted to kill that girl? What happened to the dreams of AVS in making his son a hero? How Rajesh fell in love with Aiswarya (Aiswarya)? Answers to all these questions form part of the climax. 

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