Monday, July 25, 2011

Watch Pratigya: Man Ki Awaz 25th July 2011 Full Episode Preview.

Pratigya doesn’t even see eye to eye with Krishna. He doesn’t exist for her. She is unaware of the troubles Krishna creates for others if they are unkind or extra nice to her. Krishna with full right makes Pratigya's life his business. His obsession towards Pratigya doesn’t take long for Pratigya and her family to realize that there is some guy who is after her. The family decides to get Pratigya married soon and Pratigya also willingly agrees for it. Pratigya's family arranges a boy for her named Nitin. Pratigya completes her engagement with him. But later Angad(villain) severely injures him and kidnaps Pratigya. The blame goes upon Krishna. But Krishna, as he is a Thakur, had no problem. Later Pratigya becomes ready to marry Krishna to take revenge on him for what she thinks he had done including her kidnapping, insulting her family by writing Krishna's and Pratigya's name on the wall opposite their house which was actually done by Angad. As a means to gain the equal amount of control, Adarsh, Pratigya's brother, decides to marry Komal, Krishna's sister to make certain that no one in the Thakur's household will treat Pratigya badly. During the marriage, Pratigya also comes to know that Krishna is uneducated. She intends to take revenge from him and stop the various injustice regarding women in his house. But Krishna, who does not know anything about what happened to her , tries his best to win her love.

Pratigya now wants to oppose and stop the various insults that women are facing in that house. She takes a pratigya (pledge) to save the respect of herself and also her sister-in-law(Kesar who is Krishna's bhabhi), whose husband beats her often without reasons and has got her aborted for 4 times because he does not want a dark-skinned child. The new challenge for Pratigya is to protect Kesar's unborn child, but she does not understand that she needs the support of Krishna in all her fights. They succeed in saving the child. On the other hand, Komal finds out that her husband used to love a girl named Roli, an old friend of Pratigya's. They have a big fight, but in the end, they patch up. He says he loved her before the wedding, but forgot her later. Komal finally accepts her new life, family and husband. The finally starts to get along with all of them.

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