Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Watch Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahani 21 July 2011 Full Preveiw.

In the college farsighted Piya hurt he makes an apology to her and ends up approximately touching her then sponsorship out. Abhay’s paternities come to recognize of what Piya did in the get-together and they lengthwise with grudging Abhay leave Dehradun. Piya is hurt and in cooperation of them can’t stop thinking approximately each other. Piya receives a letter give a lecture by Abhay saying he wants to meet her and she liveliness in search of him, but this was a bogus of Danish and he hits her with his car resulting in her getting terribly injured. Later Kabir happens to pass by and rushes her to the hospital where everyone comes. Arnav is worried and Madhu decides to tell him the truth but somehow can't. Piya is in a critical state and Abhay somehow senses this. Abhay goes to Pia's room and is heartbroken to see her in such a condition. He heals her wounds by kissing her on them and then lies down next to her. The doctors are shocked to see Piya all right. The next day when Abhay actually comes to see Pia, he refuses the fact that he was there last night, but in her heart Pia knows that Abhay has healed her. Meanwhile, Chand and Haseena come there and are angry to see Abhay in Dehradun. They have a heated conversation. Abhay articulates that he doesn’t want to live with them and he goes. Piya happens to overhear Chand and Haseena saying that Abhay will necessitate to listen to them after the establishments step in.
Abhay originates to see Piya in the hostel. After he falls benumbed Piya goes to the residence Maithali died and places it on fire to find obtainable Abhay’s truth. Chand and Haseena comprehending what Pia is up to lock her in her separate plan. Abhay defends her but not underprivileged of see-through his individuality as a freeloader which is seen through his fangs and animal looks. Piya runs away from him and Abhay grows upset. Piya chooses to leave Dehradun. Abhay originates to see this woman and wordlessly leaves. Piya , after realizing she is still in love with Abhay comes back to know everything from Abhay but when she tries contacting him, he does not show interest. Abhay is still hurt as Piya technically betrayed him after knowing his secret but later realizes that Piya should stay away from him. Misha acknowledges her love for Shaurya to Piya. Now Follower and Misha get in a competition to get Shaurya.

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