Monday, July 11, 2011

Watch The Smurfs In Real 3D Game 29th July 2011 In Theraters.

3D GameStudio or 3DGS is a commercial 3D computer game development system which allows the users to create 3D games and other virtual reality applications, and publish them royalty-free. It includes a model/terrain editor, a level editor, a script editor/debugger and comes with a big collection of textures, models and artwork, as well as a game template system that allows the creation of basic shooter games or RPGs without programming. For complex games or other applications you can use either the integrated programming language named Lite-C or an external development language such as Visual C++ or Borland Delphi.

Gamestudio is marketed at users of various skill levels, providing three different levels of usage ("beginner", "advanced", and "professional") for hobbyists, artists, as well as programmers. Additionally, Conitec also markets the system for uses such as advergame development and the creation of real-time presentations, simulations, and virtual exhibitions.[1] Most published titles made from Gamestudio are created by development teams of only 2 to 3 developers.[1] There is also a large online community of users in support of the development system.

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