Monday, August 1, 2011

Watch Online Sasural Genda Phool 2nd Agust 2011 Preview.

Ishaan's childhood friend, Sonali, is invited over to make Suhana jealous and realize that she loves Ishaan. After many disasters, the plan works and Suhana confesses her love for Ishaan in front of everyone, and Sonali goes home. Ishaan and Suhana go to Goa for their honeymoon. Suhana and Ishaan return from their honeymoon and are enjoying life with their relatives in an extended family. Meanwhile, after losing his job, Panna's husband Raunak leaves her and his family. He does this so that he can become stable and get a high paying job again. At this time, Deepak also comes to stay with his family, having settled things with his mother. As time passes in Raunak's absence, the fractured relationship between Panna and her mother-in-law is repaired, leading to the repair in relationship between the Kashyaps and the Sharmas.
When Holi comes up, Suhana faints. She starts getting head aches, and gets dizzy. The family begins to think she is pregnant. Badi Maa, Ishaan, Alok, and Inder go to the doctor, and Suhana is asked to run a few tests. After a week, they find out Suhana is not pregnant. She has a brain tumor. They are heartbroken, but don't tell anyone. Then, Ishaan tells Suhana and everyone else and they are completely shattered. After they get the biopsy results they find it to be benign. The family is overjoyed. Suhana has her surgery and is completely healed. Mysterious love letters to an I. Kashyap arrive to Suhana and Rajni. They doubt Ishaan and Inder. They find that their neighbor, Jassi, was having an affair with a girl and was using I. Kashyap as his name, and when their mailbox broke, his game was ruined.
When the problem is solved, Suhana apologizes to Ishaan, and he wants to spend some time with her so he begs Suhana to let him stay home. When she refuses and says he should go to work, Ishaan goes and on his way back, he meets with an accident and hits his head. When he wakes up at the hospital, everyone realizes that he has forgotten the past 2 years of his life meaning he has forgotten his marital life and wedding with Suhana, so he doesn't remember Suhana at all. The doctor working on Ishaan's case tells the family that they can't remind Ishaan of his past and asks them to let him regain his memory naturally with the passage of time for his good health.

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