Thursday, May 26, 2011

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If the judges and sentimentality have their way, Lauren Alaina should become the next American Idol.On Tuesday's final sing-off, (leading up to Wednesday's big reveal), Lauren Alaina earned the decided edge over Scotty McCreery when, after her third number, Randy gave her the only standing ovation of the night, J. Lo commented "with that song you may have immediately won" and Steven Tyler's declared: "you are It in my eyes."It didn't hurt that all three responded to a brand new song that milks the show's family values to a historic degree. Alaina delivered "Like My Mother Does," a gushy ode to genes and affectionate caring that, true to form, reduced the singer's own mom to a puddle.It will also work to Lauren's advantage that the demographics of this year's voting body has ticked north, favor older spectators, who are supplementary likely to be moms themselves.If that's not an adequate amount of, Lauren earned instant underdog status Tuesday by revealing at the top of the show that she bluster out a vocal chord in rehearsal that afternoon. Which true heartland American would not make the grade to fall for a comeback-from-adversity story like that?

Then again, the last few years have seen the disfavored singer pull from behind to win, including Lee DeWyze over Crystal Bowersox (who then outsold him on CD) and Kris Allen over Adam Lambert (who did the same, four fold).In truth, the performances of both Lauren and Scotty probably went over big with their true believers. Like last week, they made their glasses case in three rounds. The first featured their much loved song from the season. The second had them croon pieces chosen for them by their own idols, while the third saw them perform the song that will serve as their first single be supposed to they win.Scotty revived his take on Montgomery Gentry's "Gone," emphasizing showmanship over fuller emotion. Lauren chose the power ballad "Flat On The Floor," which she bat out of the ballpark, showing equal parts physicality and feeling.In round two, Scotty warbled "Check Yes or No," a cut chosen by his deep-voiced role model George Strait. It's a witty number but unfortunately the performance reiterated Scotty's overpowering debt to other singer's styles.Lauren had a more interesting go-ahead with her mentor. Her song came via former A.I. winner Carrie Underwood, the star Lauren will most likely be compared to in the market place. prearranged this, might Underwood have been tempted to sabotage her impending competition? Apparently not. Carrie's choice of Pam Tillis' "Maybe It Was Memphis" gave the young singer the superlative display case for her mix of emotion and authority.

Round three also intrigued, doubling as a kind of word of warning. By featuring the singer's first potential singles, it gave the addressees its clearest indication of what we'll be in for should they win. counselor Jimmy Iovine tailored a perfect song for Scotty - "I Love You This Big," whose scrupulously above suspicion lyric used the singer's virginal character to his advantage. Still, it will be hard for such naivete to beat the sheer mom power in Lauren's song - more than ever as deliver by a singer who battled back from the day's adversity with such self-possession.

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