Sunday, July 10, 2011

Watch Drama Serials Pavitra Rishta 11th July 2011 Online Free

4 years later: Manav is a huge business man and is very rich. Archana's life has changed, but still she is not completely happy. Manav doesn't have time for her anymore, and has changed. He still loves Archana as much as he did and cares for her, but now business and money-making has changed him as that is very imporatnt for him now. Darmesh is back with Vaishu and is now working under Manav. He was once above him, and is now ashamed to be under him. Archana gave her child to Varsha to adopt. Archana's father left her mother. Manav gets late for Archana's Vat Savitri fast and she is upset with him, but he surprises her and apologizes. Archana forgives him. The next day Archana asks Manav to pick up Sachin from school, but Manav gets busy and gets very late. Ajit(Manav's sister's husband) finds Sachin on the street and brings him back home. Archana is angry at Manav, but he is very sorry and she forgives him. Archana goes to Varsha's house, but Varsha says she is gone somewhere with her son, and she won't be back for another 2-3 hours. Archana leaves, and suddenley Varsha comes back with her son. Her mother-in-law says what she is doing isn't right, but Varsha says to not interfere. Darmesh asks DK about a project, and he says to speak to Manav about it. Darmesh rudely asks Manav to sign it, and Manav disagrees because the project is a fraud. Darmesh wants DK to lose his trust in Manav and steals Manav's file that he needed for a very important contract worth millions. Manav saw in the camera what Darmesh did and got the file back from him. During flashback, we found out Varsha forcefully took Soham from Archana. The show is reportedly to take a leap of 18 years soon.

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