Sunday, July 10, 2011

Watch Drama Serials Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 11th July 2011 Online Free

Angand tries to tell Krishna that she was not a virgin but fails. He wants revenge on Pratigya because she slapped him. Angand tells her family he has dirty pictures of her from when he kidnapped her and demands money. Adarsh and Professor Saxena is jailed. He is later released. Krishna leaves the house because Pratigya never told him this. Pratigya wants to find him but they lock her up. Amma and Shatki, Krishna's older brother, plan to burn Pratigya. They let her go in the kitchen so they can make it look like a cooking accident. Komal, Adarsh's wife, comes before they start and tells them not to do anything by threatening them so they leave her alone. Krishna's two friends help Pratigya leave the house and look for Krishna. Pratigya gets bitten by a snake. Krishna sucks the poison out but it affects him so he goes to the emergency room. He is luckily saved. Patigya and Krishna start to like each other. Adarsh gets hit by a car, driven by Angand's brother. He becomes handicapped. Professor Saxena becomes ill. They don't have enough money for anything. Naina Saxena, the Professor's wife, sells her jewley. Adarsh gets well.

Adarsh is cheating to get money and just bought Komal a car. Krishna just opened up his restaurant but beat someone up so currently has no customers. Pratigya suggests that they have a special deal to attract customers. Adarsh gets arrested and tells his Dad awful things. Sajjan Singh gets Adarsh released by blackmailing the police officer, which makes Adarsh act more arrogant. Pratigya tries to explain to Adarsh that what he is doing is wrong and he is ruining his life, Adarsh says his life was ruined until he got to a better status at work. Thakuraayin decides to make "Baathi-Chokha" for Baba's Dhaba but puts spoilt pickles in the "Baathi-Chokha" which Krishna tries first and gets a bad stomach ache. Thakuraayin blames Pratigya saying she accidentally put the spoilt pickle in the "Baathi-Choka". Meanwhile Shakti also wants money to start a business so Sajjan gives him 20,000 rupees and tells him to double it within a week, Shakti is convinced by Radhe to gamble the money to double it which he does but carries on in greed and loses everything. Shakti decides to sell his ancestral necklace to get the money at the jewellers shop but Sajjan is already sitting there listening to him and beats him all the way back home.

Komal and Adarsh talk about Adarsh living abroad which makes Shyams mother angry and saying that Adarsh would never think what would be going through the family. Pratigya decides to make 'kheer' for Krishna but Thakuraayin says Krishna won't touch it. When Krishna sits down to eat Thakuraayin reveals she made fish for Krishna to eat so Krishna refuses Pratigya's 'kheer' but then Pratigya says its 'Aashtmi' which means nothing with fish or meat can be cooked which makes Sajjan throw the food and yell at Thakuraayin threatening to beat her with his shoe. Thakuraayin creates rifts between Krishna and Pratigya but is caught by Pratigya, which makes Thakuraayin try to kill herself by burning herself to death but is stopped by Krishna but is still burnt and has to be admitted to the hospital.Krishna then tells Pratigya that there relationship is now over. Krishna starts drinking alchohol to help forget about Pratigya

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