Sunday, July 10, 2011

Watch Drama Serials Sapnon Se Bhare Naina 11th July 2011 Online Free

There is a power cut in the house when Naina is alone. She gets frightened to hear somebody's footsteps outside the house. Its Daksh who has come home whom Naina thinks is a thief. She is not able to see him as there is a power cut in the house. She tries to hit him but is not able to do so. Daksh is also not able to see Naina and thinks some thief is inside his house. They both decide to call the police but then Daksh catch hold of Naina. They are shocked to see each other. Later Naina finds out that Chintu is no one else but Daksh and he is Mr. Patwardhan and Vibha's son Daksh is angry to see Naina in the house. Naina tells him that she is staying at his place as a paying guest. Daksh does not approve of this and asks her to go away. He attempts to throw away Naina'a stuff but Naina stops him from doing so. Both of them fall on the ground and just then Sridhar who is Daksh's uncle enter the house. He misinterprets them and thinks they were doing something wrong. Sridhar accuses Naina and Daksh for taking advantage of the situation. Just then Daksh's parents arrive and inform all that Naina is there new paying guest. Sridhar is angry with their decision to keep a paying guest without even informing him. He asks Naina to leave his house and refuses to accommodate her. Sridhar argues with Vibha for taking such a big decision. Sridhar humiliates Naina in front of all by asking her weird questions. Chintu is against the idea of keeping Naina as a paying guest. He tells Vibha not to keep her in their house. Sanket and Rohini come home after the wedding. They are shocked to witness the argument going on in their house. Sridhar keeps on accusing Daksh and Naina. Daksh argues with him and tells him that there's nothing between him and Naina. Sridhar behaves rudely with Naina and asks her to pay a huge amount of money if she wants accommodation Vibha asks Sridhar to let Naina stay and assures him that she will pay the full deposit to him as soon as she gets the money. Sridhar tells her to be Naina's guarantor and asks her to sign on a stamp paper taking Naina's responsibility. But Rohini does not allow her to sign on the paper. Later Naina asks Vibha not to go against her family and help her. She prepares to leave the house. Vibha apologizes to Naina for not being able to help her out. Naina thanks Vibha for everything and tells her that she is going to miss her big time. Vibha gets emotional to see Naina leaving her house. Naina too feels bad to leave everyone all of sudden as she was deeply attached to them. Naina loses all her hopes and feels helpless. She misses her mother. Vibha too is lost in Naina's thoughts. Daksh asks her to stop thinking about her. Vibha tells her that she is unable to forget Naina and tells him that her talks had made a deep impact on her mind. Daksh is angry with Rohini's behavior towards Vibha. Sridhar's daughter come back home from the wedding. Rather than helping her out with the luggage Sridhar taunts her for wasting money for coming home with a rickshaw. He tells her that she should have taken a bus instead. Daksh spots Naina with an agent who is showing her places to stay and again misinterprets her. Mrs. Swami comes at the Patwardhan’s place to look out for Naina

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