Sunday, July 10, 2011

Watch Drama Serials Love U Zindagi 11th July 2011 Online Free

Geet's friend Manju has brought her shoes from Mumbai. Later, she exchanges her clothes with Manju so that the shoes look nice. Her younger cousin brother takes a picture and threatens to show it to the family. Geet runs behind Amreek to take the camera from him. The family is stunned to see Geet in western clothes. Darji scolds Geet for wearing such clothes. Later, Geet shares with Roop and Manju that she wants to study in Mumbai. Geet takes Manju's help and asks her to tell her father that she has brought the form of a fashion designing institute in Mumbai. Geet convinces her Chachaji to speak to Darji about her studies in Mumbai. Geet very cleverly tells her parents that Daljeet Chachaji is trying to send her to Mumbai. Geet's father and Chachaji decide to speak to Darji about sending Geet to Mumbai. Darji plainly refuses to send Geet to Mumbai. Darji feels challenged after speaking to manju's grandfather. He decides to send Geet to Mumbai.

The Maans meet the Dhillons: Episode 2

Geet celebrates with Manju and Roop. Her mother on the other hand is really upset over Geet going to Mumbai. Dhillon family's old neighbours come to visit them. They all are very happy to see each other. Roop's friend Nikhil comes to give her notes. Her brother takes the notes and later scolds Roop. Geet is happy to meet Manjeet and his family. He keeps talking about his business of fertilisers with her. Geet talks to Manju about wanting to have a boyfriend in Mumbai. Amreek hears this and tells this to the family. Geet talks about Shah Rukh Khan being her boyfriend and the family laughs it off. Later, Manjeet and his parents leave. Geet talks about love, boyfriend and marriage with Roop. Geet's mother asks her seriously if she really wants to go to Mumbai or not. Geet is speechless.

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