Sunday, July 10, 2011

Watch Drama Serials Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th July 2011 Online Free

During this time, Rajshri(Akshara's mom)'s cousin Sulochona comes to visit them from America. She does things in an American way which is very different to all of them. Nikhil, Rashmi, and Akshara go to do some shopping for Rashmi and Nikhil's wedding outfits. Gayatri tells Akshara to stay with them, and Nikhil and Rashmi go to look at sherwanis for just a few minutes, but they didn't come back and Akshara is waiting for them and Rashmi doesn't have her cell phone so she can't contact them. Then they come home without Akshara and Akshara gets in trouble, but then Gayatri forgives her. Then, Akshara's birthday comes. Naitik decides to take her on a trip out of Udaipur to cheer her up. Bindiya is mad at Rituraj because he never calls her or cares for her, and only worries about his business. Akshara overhears Bindiya and Rituraj having an argument over the phone. Akshara's sasural and maayka are planning a huge surprise for her as well, but when they find out about Naitik's surprise, they understand Naitik's feelings and let Naitik take her out of the city for a trip. Naitik finds out how all of them were also planning a surprise, so he feels he shouldn't take Akshara to Mount Abu, but Gayatri says he should. The day before her birthday, Naitik takes Akshara. Akshara is very surprised when she finds out and is very happy. On thier way to Mount Abu, Naitik's car breaks down so they take the bus. Naitik couldn't take Akshara to the hotel he had booked with surprises, so they stay at a nearby hotel in that area of Mount Abu. Naitik feels bad, but Akshara tells him she will never forget this wonderful day. When they cut the cake, Akshara tells Naitik that on her next birthday, she wants to celebrate it with their baby. The next day on her birthday, Akshara finds out about the surprise her families put together. She goes back home with Naitik, and her birthday is celebrated with a lot of happiness.
On Akshara's Birthday, Nikhil and Rashmi go to buy Akshara a present. Nikhil puts a ring on Rashmi secretly and says this is their secret engagement. The next day, Akshara finds out and tells Rashmi to take it off. Rashmi doesn't, and Gayatri sees it. She screams at Rashmi and Akshara and tells Akshara that she is the one to encourage all this. Gayatri tells Dadaji and Rashmi's father what happened, and everyone is furious with Rashmi. Gayatri wants Rashmi's wedding to happen as soon as possible and earlier then the date chosen because she doesn't want Rashmi to do something bad. Everyone tells her that it is not possible, but she doesn't listen. Akshara says how is that going to happen, and Gayatri screams at Akshara and says she shoudn't interfere. Rashmi asks for forgiveness, but Gayatri yells at her again. Dadaji, Rashmi's father, and Naitik go to Nikhil's place to talk about this. They sort the problem out, and it's decided that the date of the marriage won't change and the engagemnt ceremony will still take place. There they notice that their preparations are very nicer and more grand then their own preparations for the wedding. Meanwhile Akshara talk to Gayatri and calms her down, and Gayatri isn't mad at her anymore. She is still slightly upset with Rashmi. When Dadaji, Naitik, and Rajbana return home, they tell Gayatri that the wedding date cannot be changed and the engagement ceremony will take place. Akshara says its good since they have more time to do the preparations, and Gayatri agrees, but then Naitik says that they will have to redo everything for their preparation is not nearly as good as Nikhil's family.

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