Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Watch Free Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani 19th July 2011 Video.

Danish had also had a small matter with a girl call Maya. Maya became with child but Danish refuse to believe her because he was now with Panchi. Pia however with Abhay and Misha's aid exposes Danish's true quality to all and sundry. Afterward, as live game of calling feelings, Pia appear to converse to Maithali's (Abhay's past worship whom she resembles) strength and Maithali show cryptogram of life form here and prove that she know Abhay. Maithili state that Abhay is Pia's destiny.
The school later goes meant for a campground, with Panchi organising it in woodland on the other side of the waterway where Raichands fear departure to. Abhay gets mad when he hears Pia's declaration of lessening for him. There Abhay save Pia from a collection of wolves. In the intervening time Danish drama his entertainment due to which, somehow, the academy establishment decide to go to Pandher Fort instead of the museum. Abhay refuses to go inside the Fort. The concierge tells all and sundry that this Fort belong to King Pandher whose descendant was Maithali, a good-looking princess who give her life for love. When everyone leaves the Fort, Pia is accidentally left behind and locked. Danish covers his face and comes to kill her but Abhay saves Pia. Pia sees a portrait of Maithali and questions Abhay why he has Maithili's representation in his valet, he tells her that he is inscription a book on her and is preoccupied with her.

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