Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Watch Full Episode Ammaji KI Galli 19th July 2011 Preview.

The show revolve around the lives of populace living in a crowded street in Amritsar. Ammaji is the main character in adding to also the storyteller of the show. She is well-informed and the oldest affiliate of the galli (Street, in English). Ammaji is appreciated by all the citizens of the street.
The road is filled with poles apart characters that comprise their own manner of characteristic and individuality. There is Kalavati, who uses an highly wrought language which only her daughter-in-law understand. Sheetal daughter-in-law of Kalawati, her companion has gone to Canada to earn money; her punch line human being "Har Cheej Mein Good Hota Hai Ji" (There is good in everything). while Parminder Kaur is a sanitation freak. Then there is Roshni, who married Surinder Sharma against her parents wishes, has a absolute day care centre of vegetation which she fondly takes care like her children.
Priyanka, the twenty impressive girls whose mother accepted when she be a youngster and here minister is more often than not out of India for work purposes. She is immediate fellow citizen of Parminder, who take care of Priyanka as a accountable neighbor and is like an elder sister to her. One more thing about her is that she is extremely fond of eating Samosas, her weak-point. Sandwich between all the tribulations the populace face, Ammaji without a sound solve all the tribulations with getting noticed.

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