Thursday, July 21, 2011

Watch Free Video Geet Hui Sub Say Paraayi Maha Epiosde 22 July 2011 Preview.

Geet is a expression approximately the life and predicaments of an 18-year old girl christened Geet. Geet get married a gentleman since her intimate communicated her to; as a teen-ager, this woman has no supremacy to go in contrast to this woman personal. She get married Dev on the woman in interrogation relatives bidding and three days well along, Dev dykes her, takes that woman relatives money and possessions and craniums off to Canada. Dev plants Geet pregnant on the airstrip. After separating ties with this woman household from Hoshiyarpur for endeavoring to illegally murder her (due to her pregnancy), Geet transfers to Delhi and is now employed under Maan Singh Khurana. Maan is a gentleman she accidentally met in her birthplace and had common disagreeable happenstances with. Maan has protected Geet's life numerous times; after desiring for not near-sighted each other again, the second Geet's in distress, Maan originates to her aid. Additionally, since being novel in Delhi and not significant whatever, Geet works in Maan’s workplace. By chance, Maan is Dev's elder brother; Dev revenues to India afterward Maan clear Dev's arrears. Dev is unconscious that Geet everything for Maan, nevertheless can realize a observable modification in his comrade due to Geet's manifestation.

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