Thursday, July 21, 2011

Watch Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahani 22 July 2011 Free Preview StraOne Drama.

Chand and Haseena are surprized to see Piya flourishing. A new female arrives the Pedestal College. Kabir and the ring is dumbfounded to see her. The girls are jealous from her. Later, it is revealed that her name is Shanaya and she is the new leisurewear teacher. Kabir throw down the gauntlet Abhay to ought to a basketball match which he accepts and wins the match. Shanaya is a suspicious person hired by an unknown person to impairment Abhay. Every person gets a expansion roughly their domiciliary grasslands. They are harmoniously interrogated to transportation home-videos of their grown-up. When all and sundry was reviewing Piya's show, Arnab instigates but Piya earnings off the wadding just in time which Abhay understands. Abhay hoards her in obverse of everybody by stating that the recording is dishonoured. Later, Abhay asks Piya why she appropriated available the plug but that woman litters to tell, and she disruptions the disk and tosses it away. Abhay advanced receipts it out of the garbage and receipts it to a stockpile to get it immovable. Up-to-the-minute the other side, an assistance fashion demonstration is existence held. Everybody is receiving complete for it. Lastly, finished great labours Misha gained the aid show, nonetheless T over tried to indulge Piya's clothing.
Misha demonstrations Arnab her new cup and he speaks that they would have a gathering for her. In the evening, Abhay originates to give her the secure CD. Piya remained annoying on new clothing when Abhay creates in, she accidentally cuts this lady. Abhay's interior self is complicated by the aroma of her gore and he practically mouthfuls her. Formerly he stopovers himself and stretches her CD. Piya and Abhay gait to the gathering. On accomplishment Misha's house, Abhay foreknows some danger. At the congregation, Kabir remainders smooth-running and are disobedient with Abhay. He couriers Piya that he sweethearts her and interrogations what's her qualified by Abhay. Abhay judges and pronounces they are cutting-edge a assembly and leaves the spot through Piya. Piya questions approximately his discrepancy behaviour with Kabir. Abhay tells remorseful to Piya and likewise tells this woman that some hazard is there for her then that he has to vacation nearby to her. Abhay originates to distinguish that Arnab is Piya's daddy.

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