Sunday, July 31, 2011

Watch Most Famous Drama Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahani 1 Augest 2011 Preview.

Piya slaps Misha back and their friendship begins. Kabir's brother will be getting married to Misha's sister. Kabir and Misha are good friends. The seniors and juniors get introduced to each other in the journalism class. Misha comes to know then, that Piya is an orphan. Misha takes Piya for adventure sports. Piya is scared while going for rappelling. Piya's rope breaks while rappelling. She is about to hit the ground when a man catches her. Episode : 3 Piya is saved by a man. He disappears into the forest when she tries to talk to him. Misha takes Piya home. Piya is touched by Misha's mother's hospitality. Misha's sister, Panchi, asks Piya to wear one of her dresses for Misha's father's birthday party. Misha gives one of her dresses to Piya. She is amused to see so many dresses in Misha's wardrobe. Misha takes Piya to her father's birthday party. She spots Panchi's boyfriend, Danish, with other girls and tells this to Panchi. Tanushree comes to the party and insults Piya when Misha is not around. Piya is hurt. She runs out of the house crying Episode : 4 Piya runs into the forest and overhears a girl and a boy talking. The boy, Abhay, asks her to leave and disappears. Piya is a bit shaken. She returns to her hostel room where her seniors are drinking and doing drugs. The next morning Misha comes to Piya's room and realises about the drugs part. Piya sings a song while auditioining for the arts club. The police come to take Piya away. Everyone is shocked when the inspector says that she sells drugs in the college.
Episode : 5 Misha calls her father to speak to the hostel warden. Meanwhile, Piya is taken to the police station for enquiry and is put inside the prison. The seniors are arrested for selling drugs. Misha's father, Mr.Dobrial, comes to take Piya. Piya is shocked to see him. Piya is upset and wonders where her destiny is taking her. Piya is still thinking about the boy who saved her life. Later, Abhay enters the college. Episode : 6 Abhay goes to the principal for admission. The principal is furious at Abhay's arrogant behaviour. The principal asks Abhay to leave as he cannot tolerate Abhay's attitude. Everybody is stunned by Abhay's rudeness. Everybody is discussing the new boy in college. Piya is upset because of Abhay's rudeness towards her. The students come to know that the principal has been fired because he refused admission to Abhay

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