Sunday, July 31, 2011

Watch Online Ammaji Ki Galli 1 Augest 2011 Full Episode Video.

Ammaji - She is the protagonist of the serial. She is an old woman who pretends to be suffering from paralysis, but is actually normal. She lives in Parminder's house, and secretly helps all the Galli members. She is the darling of everyone, and everyone reveals his/her secrets to Ammaji.
  • Parminder Kaur - The obsessive cleaner, and lover of neatness, she doesn't leave anything dirty, and paints everything spic-and-span, even the neighbor's doors and scooters. She is the spoken mother of Priyanka, and takes care of her like a mother.
  • Surjeet Singh - The meek husband of Parminder, he is often indulged in his own life, and sometimes confused. He often faces embarrassment due to his wife, and his son, Baljinder.
  • Priyanka - The bubbly girl who is so fond of samosas that her tummy is never empty for one. She even secretly goes to someone's function, uninvited, to eat a samosa. She is shown as a dumbo, who often asks silly questions, and makes silly statements like: "Aaj aantho suro ko hila do" (Shake all the eight notes of music).
  • Surinder Sharma - The husband of Roshni, he too faces embarrassment due to his wife's love for plants and her self respecting attitude. He often has to water plants which Roshni treats as her children.
  • Roshni Sharma - The fashion maniac, and the plant lover, she is often seen competing with her family members for small things like number of chairs in Galli's function. She treats her plants as her children, and has also given names to them. More than that, she is a speedy speaker and cares little about others. She has a love marriage with Surinder.
  • Sheetal - The optimist, she is always seeking for good in anything bad. She lives with her mother-in-law, Kalawati in the Galli. Her husband is said to be in Canada, and she has twin daughters, who often speak together.
  • Kalavati - As the name suggests, she speaks often in a fancy way, which only Sheetal understands. She confuses everyone with her arrows of sharp and complex Hindi words and word strings.
  • Bachchitter - He is the son of Parminder, and Surjeet. He asks silly questions like: "Does Santa Claus come in Punjab?" and makes Parminder angry.
  • The twin girls - They are daughters of Sheetal. They are not seen much in the serial.

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