Sunday, July 31, 2011

Watch Online Sasural Genda Phool 1 Augest 2011 Free Preview.

This story is about two very different people, Ishaan and Suhana, living in Delhi, India. Suhana Bajpai is a rich man's daughter who grew up getting everything she wished for. Her mother died when Suhana and her sister Sanjana were very young. Her father always gave her whatever she asked for. She has a very fiery temper and takes it out by throwing glasses and plates. She grew up with her father and sister in a big house, having servants who were there for her every need. She is also very kind and innocent, and is not afraid to speak the truth when the situation demands.
Ishaan Kashyap was born, grew up in, and lives in the Chandi Chowk area. He grew up in a middle class joint family. Ishaan's family is big and jovial. Everybody in his family pitches in for the household expenses. Ishaan is a simple boy working as a software engineer for a private firm. Surprisingly, for a guy whose career is on the rise, he doesn't have a girlfriend and never did. Ishaan is the youngest of the three brothers, and they often make fun of him for his simple nature.
Now it is time for both of them to get married. Ishaan gets rejected by many girls, so he just asks his family to choose a suitable girl for him to marry. Meanwhile, Suhana is dating Sid, a model. Suhana and Ishaan have met each other a couple of times, but the situations led to disasters. Suhana asks Sid to marry her, but he rejects her saying that she is "just not marriage material." Suhana is heartbroken and later upset. She decides to marry whoever her dad chooses for her to prove to Sid that she is indeed marriage material. One day, Suhana's father's car runs into Ishaan's scooter by accident and he falls off of it. Her father takes him back home and meets his family. He decides to get Suhana married into that family after seeing the love that everyone has for one another. Thus, Ishaan and Suhana get married.
But even before the couple is married, it starts on a disastrous note. When Suhana is about to put the flower garland around Ishaan (who saw her picture and is already in love with her), she sees Ishaan's face and faints. She remembers him and knows that his family is middle class. However the marriage resumes. On their suhaag raat, Suhana tells Ishaan that she does not love him, then says that she thought that her father chose for her a rich, smart, handsome boy but instead chose Ishaan. Ishaan, heartbroken, goes to his special crying place and cries all night. He returns the day after and finds Suhana still there. Suhana decides to stay to make Sid regret dumping her. She feels suffocated in her sasural. She tells her father that he ruined her life.
Time passes and Suhana develops love for her sasural. She tells Ishaan she will never leave this house because she loves everyone and can't live without them. However, she still thinks that she doesn't love Ishaan, and they are just "official" husband and wife. Badi Maa and Dadaji find out about this, and make a plan to help Suhana realize her love for Ishaan.

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