Monday, August 1, 2011

Watch Online Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma 2nd Agust 2011 Preview.

The Hathi family, Hansraj Hathi, is a doctor who is extremely overweight, but still fond of eating. His wife, Komal Hathi, is a housewife and tries to keep a check on her husband's and son's (Goli) eating habits.
All the ladies of the society are good friends and do their grocery and other shopping together. They also organize Kitty Party when they want to discuss or celebrate something. The Gokuldham society celebrates all the festivals together. Whenever there are any mishaps, the entire society comes together and tackles the problem.
The other funny characters of the show are Popatlal, the journalist, and Nattu Kaka, the employee of Jethalal's shop. While Popatlal is very cynical and demands everything to be cancelled, with the tag lines 'cancel karo' and 'duniya hila doonga', on the other hand Nattu Kaka constantly demands that his salary should be increased. In the evenings, all the men in the society meet after dinner at the shop nearby the society for their regular drink of soda, the shop is run by Abdul, who is a simple person and is like a member of the society. A News reporter named Rita is also the member of the society, who always helps the ladies and the tappu sena (brigade). She works as a correspondent for the News channel 'Kal Tak' (Parody to a real Hindi News channel named Aaj Tak). There is always a fight between Popatlal (Print journalist) and Rita (Television news reporter), as they both think of their media as superior to the other. The latest character added to the show is named Bagha, and is nephew of Nattu Kaka. He also always creates problems for Jethalal unknowingly. There is another boy named Pinku, who lives alone and his parents are never shown in the show and are assumed to be working abroad.

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