Sunday, July 31, 2011

Watch Online Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah 1 Augest 2011 Preview.

Taarak Mehta, is a writer by profession and is the narrator of the show. His wife, Anjali Mehta , is a dietitian and feeds his husband only with diet-rich foods such as freshly prepared bitter-gourd juice. Whenever Jethalal is in a problem, Taarak Mehta is his 'Fire Brigade'. Jethalal is a good friend of Taarak Mehta.
The Marathi family, Bhide's comprises of Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide, his wife Madhavi Bhide, and their daughter Sonu Bhide. Aatmaram is a teacher by profession and is also the secretary of the society. He has a love-hate relationship with Jethalal. He never leaves a chance to complain about the mischief's of Tapu and his child brigade. His wife is a home-based businesswoman who makes 'achaar' and 'papad' to sell and make money.
The Iyer family consist of Krishnan Iyer and his wife Babita. Krishnan Iyer is a well-known scientist and his wife Babita is from Bengal. While Krishnan Iyer's complexion is dark, Babita, however, is milky-white. Jethalal often flirts with Babita, but every time his efforts come to naught because of her husband. So, he (Krishnan Iyer) always looks for a reason to settle scores and get back at Jethalal.
The Sodhi family, the Sodhi's are a pair of Punjabi husband and Parsi wife. Theirs is a love marriage, Roshan Singh Sodhi, is a garage owner and is a happy-go-lucky person and also aggressive for those who mess with him. Mrs. Roshan is a housewife with a pleasant personality. They have a son, Gogi, who is the youngest to all the children of the society and a member of Tapu Sena (brigade).
The Hathi family, Hansraj Hathi, is a doctor who is extremely overweight, but still fond of eating. His wife, Komal Hathi, is a housewife and tries to keep a check on her husband's and son's (Goli) eating habits.

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